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Injuries are a fact of life when it comes to sports, particularly high-impact sports such as football or soccer. In fact, almost two million high school kids alone experience injuries while playing sports each year. As a sports rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Rommel Hindocha, DC QME, at Peninsula Spine and Sports Rehabilitation in Burlingame, California, knows that a proper diagnosis and effective care are important to hasten recovery and bounce back stronger than before. If you’re suffering from a sports injury that’s keeping you from returning to form, let Dr. Hindocha help. Call the office to schedule your consultation or book online.

Sports Injuries Q & A

What are some common sports injuries?

Just about anything can happen out there on the field, but there are some injuries that are more common than others, such as:

  • Shin splints
  • Knee injuries, including ACL tears
  • Ankle or hamstring sprains and strains
  • Pulled groins
  • Tennis elbow
  • Shoulder and hip injuries

What injury you’re most at risk for depends on the particular sport you play.

What causes sports injuries?

Most types of sports injuries you can encounter tend to fall into one of a few categories:

Poor Training

One of the most common causes of sports injury, failure to properly exercise, stretch, and build strength for the muscles you’ll be taxing during your sport can lead to injury.


Collisions, tumbles, and other physical accidents that occur during the course of sports activities can lead to varying degrees of injuries.


Sometimes a sports injury doesn’t have a directly sports-related cause but is the result of the way your body is made. For example, having one leg that is slightly longer than the other or flat feet can increase your risk of wear and tear related injuries.

How are sports injuries treated?

Dr. Hindocha can treat most sports injuries with a combination of a few treatment options:

Manual Therapy

Providing physical manipulation to trouble areas can restore mobility after certain sports injuries.

Massage Therapy

If your sports injury is causing pain across a large area of your body, a therapeutic massage can relieve localized pain and let you focus on recovery.

Spinal Adjustments

For sports injuries affecting your extremities, Dr. Hindocha may provide extras-spinal adjustments. For sports injuries affecting your back or neck, Dr. Hindocha might provide spinal adjustments, including spinal decompression, to realign abnormalities and relieve pain.


If your sports injury prevents you from moving very easily, such as a hip or knee injury, Dr. Hindocha might recommend a specialist referral for medications.

Physical Therapy

Strengthening exercises are a critical part of correcting sports injuries, and more importantly, making sure they don’t happen again when you go back onto the field. Once you’ve suffered an injury like an ACL tear, you’ve effectively increased your chances for the same injury in the future. Strengthening the injured area beyond where you began can help reduce re-injury.


Minor and major sports injuries alike benefit from rest. Hot or cold compress, elevation, and over-the-counter medication can help the healing process as you rest.

If you regularly participate in sports and have recently experienced an injury, let Dr. Hindocha diagnose your injury to make sure you’re on the road to recovery. Call to schedule your consultation or book online.