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More than 37,000 people die in automobile accidents each year, and more than two million suffer injuries from car accidents in the United States alone. These injuries can range from moderate to severe and their effects can last for years. If you’re suffering from whiplash, chronic pain, or disablement from an automobile accident, Dr. Rommel Hindocha, DC QME, at Peninsula Spine and Sports Rehabilitation in Burlingame, California, can offer treatment for a variety of accident-related injuries and pain. To learn more, call Dr. Hindocha or book your consultation online.

Automobile Accidents Q & A

What are common types of injuries car accidents cause?

Most car accident injuries are grouped into one of three categories:

Head and back injuries

Injuries to the head and back are among the most serious of injuries automobile accidents cause, occurring when victims hit their head or receive back trauma as a result of a collision. Concussions, comas, skull fractures, and spinal damage – including herniated discs – are all common results from a head or back injury.

Neck and chest injuries

The sudden head and neck movements associated with car accidents often result in injuries to these areas, the most well known among them being whiplash. These sudden movements, including the pressure placed upon the neck and chest from a seatbelt, can also lead to broken ribs, muscle and ligament damage, collapsed lungs, and internal damage.

Extremity damage

Broken bones and ligament damage in the extremities are also common automobile accident injuries, though most commonly occurring to pedestrians involved in such accidents.

How are automobile accident injuries treated?

The exact treatment Dr. Hindocha provides depends on the type and severity of your injury. He specializes in treatment for musculoskeletal injuries to the back and whiplash. His most common treatment approach includes:

Therapeutic exercise

The best treatment for the stiffness and pain associated with certain musculoskeletal injuries is loosening and strengthening the muscles your injury effects. For example, in the case of whiplash, Dr. Hindocha might recommend exercises that include rotating your neck, rolling your shoulders, or bending your neck toward your chest to restore mobility and increase strength.

Manual therapy

For accidents that result in sprains or strains, Dr. Hindocha might provide manual therapy to help loosen muscles and reduce pain.

Spinal adjustment

Many types of back injuries can benefit from manual physical adjustments to the spinal column. These adjustments realign the spinal column, remove pressure from inflamed or irritated joints and other spinal abnormalities.

Pain management

A prescribed routine of rest and hot or cold compresses help reduce pain and any swelling associated with your injury. In more severe cases, Dr. Hindocha might recommend a referral to a medical specialist for medications to further reduce swelling and pain.

Physical restraints

Certain injuries might require an initial immobility period prior to exercise in order to allow necessary healing. Dr. Hindocha might recommend a restrictive medical device, such as a foam collar, to help keep the area still and prevent further injury.

Are you suffering from chronic pain or stiffness from a recent automobile accident? Let Dr. Hindocha eliminate your pain and restore the level of mobility you want out of your life. Call Peninsula Spine and Sports Rehabilitation to schedule your consultation or book online.